Thursday, 16 September 2010

Getting removed from UCEPROTECTL3 Blacklist

If you run an exchange server you have probably come across - a website that enalbes you to monitor your servers ip and make sure it does not get listed on any email blacklists.

You may have also come across - which happens to be one of the only blacklist servers that does not allow de-listing as a standard service.
This can be a real pain, especially considering that you can get listed on their level 3 blacklist as a result of your ip block having a high amount of spammers. If you are actually sending out spam, then there is no way to get de-listed (fair enough) but if you are an inocent party, the only way to avoid getting listed in the first place is to whitelist your servers ip address over at - which provides a paid for whitelisting service.

Makes you wonder how long before Email becomes a paid for only service!!

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  1. Well this service is crap. Just looking for blood money!!!!